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There's Too Much To Do

I get overwhelmed. It’s not just because I'm a marketer, it’s because I'm a business owner, a wife, a mom, a wannabe athlete, a friend…we’re all in the same boat. We’re trying to juggle all the things. We try to be so many things to so many people and at the end of the day, if you’re like me, you’re just spent. I either fill my remaining hours of the day trying half heartedly to work or I fill it with mindless nonsense on social media. I don’t know if I'm the norm or the abnormal, but I’ll tell you that with the remaining time I spend in the evening mindlessly scrolling through social media, I'm looking for content that engages me. As a business owner, we have to start shifting the way we think and spend time thinking about what our customers and potential customers want to see, hear and know. The answer?

The answer is, it’s not getting easier and it’s taking time and processes to figure it out. There are more platforms to be a part of, more money you can spend and more money to throw at the digital universe than you ever thought you would.

My parents recently purchased a home that they had to completely renovate. They gutted it top to bottom, from scraping wallpaper to pulling carpet. The home got a new roof and is in the process of a new kitchen, baths, flooring, the list goes on. When my mom started to get overwhelmed my step dad looked at her and asked, “How do you eat an elephant?...One bite at a time.” he said.

How do you take a bite out of advertising? One bite at a time. Who do you really want to target? Where do they spend their time? What do they want to know about? What do they want to see? Don’t give yourself the easy answer. If it was easy, we’d all be millionaires.

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