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Video & Design Services

Navigating the chaos of advertising.

Videos that make sense

Creating Compelling Marketing Videos

Once you've established your online presence across various channels and have a functional website, the next question is, what's the next step? The answer lies in the art of content creation, a cornerstone of success for your digital storefront. Owning multiple platforms is one thing, but if you're not effectively utilizing them, it can all go to waste. That's where our videography department comes into play, offering you exclusive access to tailor-made graphic design and original video content. Elevate your brand's image and engagement to new heights with professionally crafted, unique content, courtesy of 812 Branding.


Script creation


Web content


Product marketing

Employee portraits

Business showcase

Long/ Short Form Video

Video is crucial in marketing today and original content is key.

Graphic Design

From simple social graphics to custom marketing material, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Logo Design

Start to finish or old to new, 



We can handle updates and full scale build outs.

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