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Marketing Consulting/ Strategy

Navigating the chaos of advertising.


Navigating the Marketing Landscape with 812 Branding:
From Uncertainty to Triumph

Are you standing at the threshold of a marketing journey, uncertain of where to begin? The word "marketing" can often stir apprehension among business owners who neither have the time nor the inclination for this complex terrain. At 812 Branding, we are your unwavering partner on this expedition through the dynamic world of marketing.


We don't merely view marketing as a chore; we see it as a strategic opportunity to propel your business to new heights. Our team at 812 Branding invests time and expertise to intimately understand your current business standing and your aspirations. The path to building brand awareness may not be an overnight endeavor, but the benefits it holds are invaluable.


With 812 Branding by your side, you embark on a collaborative journey to craft a comprehensive marketing plan that aligns with your unique objectives. Our mission is not just to provide a service but to actively support you in executing this blueprint. The promise of this marketing voyage extends beyond the initial challenges, offering you a gateway to:

Recognition: Elevate your brand to a level where it's recognized and remembered by your target audience, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Trust and Credibility: Build a brand that's not just known but also trusted, giving you a competitive edge in the market and instilling confidence in your customers.

Customer Loyalty: Foster long-term customer relationships by creating brand loyalty, increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out in the crowded market and differentiate your business from competitors, allowing you to charge premium prices and attract a larger customer base.

Referrals and Word of Mouth: Leverage satisfied customers who are familiar with your brand to generate powerful word-of-mouth referrals.

Reduced Marketing Costs: As brand awareness grows, you may find that you can reduce your marketing spend, making your brand more self-sustaining.

New Opportunities: Open doors to new collaborations, partnerships, and market expansions thanks to the high brand awareness you've cultivated.

Increased Perceived Value: Establish a brand that's associated with quality and value, enabling you to command higher prices for your products or services.

Flexibility: Gain the flexibility to introduce new products or pivot your offerings as your brand's recognition and trust are well-established.

Emotional Connection: Forge emotional connections with your audience, allowing people to identify with your brand and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

In summary, 812 Branding is your trusted guide in the complex world of marketing, where we convert uncertainty into a marketing triumph. The journey might be challenging, but the destination holds the promise of growth, profitability, and an enduring brand legacy.

The Process


Assessing your current situation

In order to help, we must first understand the nuts and bolts of your business. 


Past and current marketing

Have you been advertising and how?

What's worked/ what hasn't worked. 


What are your goals?

  • Do you have a product that you need to sell?

  • Do you need to increase user engagement?



  • How open are you to trying new ideas?

If this sounds like a conversation you'd like to have, we'd love to meet you. Ready to get started?

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