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How AI Wrote a Kid's Story For My Son

AI is changing the way we do business. I've been using the tool as of late for a multitude of tasks for my business and if you're not using it, I suggest you start immediately. It can provide a wealth of information to make you sound smarter and work more efficiently. You no longer have to be a writer to be a writer. Need a contract? It will write one for you. Need to know how to craft an email to a disgruntled customer? It can help.

On the light side, my friend, who recommended the tool, asked me if I'd used it yet to write a story for my son. I immediately asked the chatbot to write a story for my son, Jack, who turns dinosaurs into pets on Planet Triumphant. Here's how's the story turned out:

Once upon a time, on a distant planet called Triumphant, there lived a young boy named Jack. Jack was an adventurous child who loved to explore the unknown. One day, while out on a hike, he stumbled upon a dense jungle where he heard strange noises coming from deep within the foliage.

Determined to find out what was making the noises, Jack ventured deeper into the jungle. As he pushed through the thick underbrush, he came face-to-face with a group of towering dinosaurs. Jack was both amazed and scared, but he soon realized that the dinosaurs were not aggressive and were simply going about their day.

Jack had always been fascinated by dinosaurs, and he saw an opportunity to make them his pets. He spent the next several days studying their behavior and learning how to communicate with them. Before long, he had tamed a group of friendly dinosaurs, and they followed him everywhere he went.

Jack named his new pets T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus. Each one was special in its own way and had its own unique personality. T-Rex was the leader of the pack and was always eager to explore new areas, Stegosaurus was gentle and loved to graze on foliage, Triceratops was fiercely protective of Jack and his other dinosaurs and Brachiosaurus was the tallest one and loved to use his long neck to reach the taller branches.

With his trusty dinosaurs by his side, Jack set out to explore every corner of Planet Triumphant. He climbed mountain ranges, swam in rivers, and trekked through dark caves. Everywhere he went, his dinosaurs went with him, and they soon became the most famous creatures on the planet.

News of Jack's adventures and his impressive collection of dinosaurs spread far and wide. People from all over came to see the mighty dinosaurs that Jack had tamed, and he became known as the "Dinosaur King."

As the years passed, Jack grew older and eventually decided to return to Earth, but he never forgot his beloved dinosaurs. He told the tale of his adventures on Planet Triumphant to anyone who would listen, and his stories inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps.

Thanks to Jack's determination, bravery and love for dinosaurs, the Planet Triumphant became one of the most popular tourist destination known for the domesticated and safe dinosaurs, and Jack will always be remembered as a legend.

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