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Buy This, Not That!!

I met with a client one day and he said, “Everyone thinks their product is the best. The radio rep says not to buy TV, no one is watching. The TV rep says not to buy radio, no one is listening.”

I laughed. It’s so true. Or at least I hope that rep thinks their product is the best. If not, it’s certainly time for them to move on. Marketing is not easy and as the digital space continues to grow and evolve at a lightening fast pace, it is harder than ever to find where your audience is spending their time and best practices to get in front of them without being annoying.

I personally cannot stand pop up ads that show up when I’m trying to read an article and can’t seem to make it go away. On the other hand, I really don’t mind ads served to me when I'm casually browsing that make me realize a product I didn’t know I needed, but now desperately do! Fresh fish from Alaska? Yes, please! Socks with my kid's face on them for Father's Day? Duh! What else would I buy?

My point is, there is a time and a place for your product and putting it in front of the people that actually want your product is key. Stop wasting impressions on an audience that is never going to buy. Know your audience and if you don’t know, put it on your task list to find out immediately! Not sure how to find out? 812 Branding would love to help you; give us a shout!

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