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Grit (Gr-it)

To have the drive, stamina and determination to push through any challenge or obstacle thrown your way until you succeed.

Do you still have grit in your business? When you started your company I’ll bet you were all in. I know you still are, but I bet it looks a little different today than it did in the first six to twelve months. The newness and the anticipation you felt when you first started is gone and perhaps those butterflies of excitement are now replaced with anxiety about your never ending to do list.

I meet with a lot of clients at different stages in their business and each stage can bring its’ own set of tasks and complexities. Although challenges vary, what I see and feel when I meet with these clients are grit. They’re invested, both financially and emotionally. Your business becomes your family. The task of keeping those worlds separate are yet another task in itself. Where do you draw the line? How can you do it all? How can 812 Branding help?

There are not enough hours in the day and you can’t expect to be an expert in a field you have no experience in. It’s hard to know who to trust, who to do business with, what products will work and what won’t. One of the advantages of 812 branding is that we are not tied to one product or one company. Our allegiance is to the betterment of your business and our recommendations only represent what we feel will work for you.

When I consult with a client, I never pretend that I have all the answers. What I do know, and what I don’t have to pretend, is that I really do care and that I have that grit too. I want you to be successful because your success is my success. I want to look at you across the table as you tell me your sales are up and see your face light up and know that we’ve pushed through your challenges, feeling that excitement and gratification that success and winning brings.

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